Business And Drivers Happy To See Busy Intersection Open


It’s a welcome sight for drivers and businesses. Parts of 49th and Louise are back open — a month ahead of schedule. 

It’s a little smoother driving right now at 49th and Louise, but that doesn’t mean all the headaches are gone. 

“It’s a little confusing, there’s a lot of action going on around here. I went down the wrong lane yesterday,” Aaron Nely said. 

For businesses, sales are going in the right direction. Ryan Oaks of Mini-Critters says during the closure, there was not a lot of foot traffic in the store. That’s why he’s happy to see the lanes open up ahead of schedule. 

“Put a smile on my face,” Oaks said. 

He says while Mini-Critters sees a lot of repeat customers, the store tried to find ways to keep business moving while traffic was at a standstill. 

“We tried to be creative and do some special promotions for some things, some advertising things and changed ways we did it. But really we work on trying from a customer service standpoint, always make sure people are happy to be here,” Oaks said. 

Orange is still a popular color on the roads, but both business owners and drivers say all the headaches today will be worth it in the future. 

“The fact that they are moving so far ahead of schedule will only help in the long run,” Oaks said. 

“I think it will be better in the long run. Kind of sucks right now but it will be better. Easier to get through, more lanes,” Nely said. 

Until it’s fully open, Nely says he will be a little more cautious behind the wheel. 

“Yeah I’m more careful, kind of watch where I’m going, pay attention to the road signs and everything else,” Nely said.  

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