Brookings Fire Department Now Has Equipment To Save Your Pets


A lot of us consider our pets as part of our family. That’s why the Brookings Fire Department has some new equipment to save your furry friends in case of a fire.

It’s one of the biggest jobs for a firefighter — helping save lives during a fire, but it’s not just humans they have to worry about.

That’s why the Brookings Fire Department recently bought a pet oxygen mask kit to help save the life of your four-legged family member.

“They’re somewhat like adult masks but specifically designed for pets,” Brookings fire chief, Darrell Hartmann said.

The kit comes with three different sizes of masks, small, medium, and large.

Fire chief Darrell Hartmann says they are pretty easy to use.

“Very similar to a human mask, usually they go on their face with an elastic band, this doesn’t have that, usually when we bring them out and they need help they are very lethargic, if non responsive, so this works easy,” Hartmann said.

Heidi Kronaizl has had her dog Charlie for about a year and a half, and believes this kit will be beneficial to the community.

“I think that the Brookings Fire Department always does a great job of taking care of their own along with other emergency response teams and just knowing that they’re making these efforts to make sure that all the people of Brookings and pets are safe, is a really great feeling,” pet owner, Heidi Kronaizl said.

A life saving tool for your furry friends.

“It’s just one of those extra tools that we have to provide services to those that live in and around our community, when we say that it’s not always just humans, it’s pets also,” Hartmann said.

Hartmann says one of the captains played a part in getting the kit for the department. The kit is on one of the rescue trucks, so it’s ready to use during an emergency. 

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