Boxing away your stress


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s a dilemma many of us have come across — finding motivation to work out.

By switching up your routine, motivation may be easier to come by. 

When you step inside this group fitness class, you’ll quickly realize it’s a little different. Be prepared to kick, punch and get rid of some stress. 

“We all come and like, think of something angry,” Allie Crittenden said. 

Crittenden has been attending this kick boxing class for the last six months. In addition to the physical benefits, she says the mental benefits are part of what keeps her coming back. 

“I feel like it’s free therapy really. I have a lot of people that say after class, ‘Ah I just love this class. I just get it all out.’ So I actually say at the beginning of class most times, this is your 45 minutes where you’re allowed to be mad,” Dani Bigge said. 

Class instructor Dani Bigge says the class is a total body workout, that keeps your heart rate up while you move throughout the entire 45 minutes.

 “I think you burn more calories here than you probably would out running just because you’re moving so much for 45 minutes straight you know, no breaks, no nothing,” Crittenden said.

While this class is considered a high intensity class, Bigge says modifications are easily made to fit your level of fitness. 

 “I’ve had people who are you know retired. So it’s really not just for the young pups or the spring chickens,” Bigge said. 

Bigge says she wants people to leave the class feeling more than just physically accomplished, but also empowered.

“Your opponent is your bag so by the end of this 45 minutes I want you to stand over your opponent and say I won, I won this fight. So I mean it’s really just having that mindset that I’m going to get after it today and kick some butt,” Bigge said. 

Bigge adds that having proper form is important to avoid injuries in this class. 

For tips on proper form, click here.

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