Benefits of compression therapy

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Whether you’re seeking an athletic improvement or dealing with swollen limbs, compression therapy may be able to help.

With increased blood circulation, experts say your pain or swelling should go back to normal in no time.

16-year-old Easton Zuger has played hockey his whole life. Due to frequent practices and workouts, he sought out compression therapy to help his body recover faster.

“It’s just like a big huge hug all the way throughout your leg. It’s from your toes all the way up to your hip,” Zuger said.

Using a small air compressor, the therapy creates a massage like feeling which forces out toxins in the lymphatic system and helps with circulation– resulting in better muscle recovery and less swelling.

Bob Trader, owner of CryoRev says anyone can benefit from it, but he most commonly sees athletes receiving the therapy.

“They just want to recover, not feel as much pain and be able to go back doing what they like to do whether it’s running or playing hockey or whatever it may be,” Trader said.

After each treatment Zuger says his muscle soreness disappears, setting him up for the next hockey practice or game.

“If you’re sore and you kind of have that heavy feeling in your legs it’ll just flush that right out. It gets kind of the blood flow going, so your legs almost feel lighter in a sense,” Zuger said.

The therapy isn’t only available for your legs though. Trader says it can be used on your arms and hips as well, depending on where your pain is.

The best part? All you have to do is sit back and relax until your session is finished.

These treatments only take up to about 30 minutes of your time and experts say you’ll feel the effects almost immediately.

“Typically the guys will walk out going boy I feel a whole lot better, things are back to normal. Increases range of motion right away because you get rid of some of those fluids that you’ve retained and it’s one of those that you’ll feel right away,” Trader said.

And that immediate relief is why Zuger keeps coming back.

“I would come in after a workout, or between two workouts and it totally rejuvenates your legs,” Zuger said.

After the success he’s had, Zuger says he recommends compression therapy to anyone seeking better circulation and a quick way to eliminate toxins.

To find out more information on compression therapy, click here.

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