Behind The Scenes Of KRNL TV In Mitchell


Some students in KELOLAND are learning the ins and outs of communications and broadcast. Mitchell High School students are getting KRNL TV back on air. 

Three students are putting the final touches on their segment for KRNL TV. It’s the 12th episode since starting in January.

Each member of the group makes their own contribution.

Senior Levi Winne was in charge of the featured story, which involved interviewing the Mitchell High School track coach.

I haven’t talked to him much so it was one of my first interactions with him, but he seemed like a really nice guy and I’ve been enjoying the sport so far so I thought I would share that with the rest of Mitchell High, senior Levi Winne said.

Teacher Jeff Sand leads the class called contemporary communications.

In our ever changing world you have to get creative in the ways that you communicate with people inside business, inside education, so being able to communicate with adults, students, staff, teacher, Jeff Sand said.

Students produce a new segment for KRNL TV every other day. Sand says planning plays an important role in making sure everything runs smoothly. 

I think the biggest thing I teach them, plan, prepare, plan again, and prepare ahead of time, because nothing worse than when you’re trying to conduct an interview and you don’t have questions ahead of time, you haven’t practiced what you’re going to say, Sand said.

The set up for the program includes announcements, important dates, what’s for lunch and birthdays. 

I leave it up to them in terms of researching, gathering the information they might need for birthdays, upcoming events, and coordinating with our activities director, our secretaries in the office to get information, Sand said.

Plus a featured story that the students plan themselves.

Students will pitch ideas to me, we’ll talk about what will work, what’s coming up on the calendar, what are some things we can highlight, different clubs, different activities going on within the Mitchell School District, Sand said.

Once students figure out who they’re going to be interviewing for their featured story, they come to the innovation lab, which has lights, a back drop, table and chairs to help them put their piece together.

I leave it up to the students to do the research and communicate with the adults and line up interviews and line up interviews with the students, Sand said.

Edana Mahrt is working on her group’s segment.

I interviewed them about the Special Olympics and the Polar Plunge to give them recognition for their hard work and how it’s important to the community, senior Edana Mahrt said. I think it went pretty smooth, I did have some questions I prepped this morning and I thought of last night.

After editing the interviews, the final product will be uploaded to the KRNL TV’s YouTube channel, for students and the community to watch.

A way for kids to reach out and reach a demographic beyond what we see in print and give them another avenue for them to reach out to the community and students, Sand said.

A class these students are glad they’re involved in.

It’s teaching you better ways to communicate to people and to better advertise certain things to people, Mahrt said.

I’d highly recommend it, it’s a really good communication class and social class and it gets you out of your comfort zone and everybody should experience that, Winne said.

If you’re interested in watching KRNL TV, we’ve provided a link to the YouTube channel.

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