Bats Delay First Day Of Classes At Northwest Iowa School


School bells have already started ringing across KELOLAND, but one northwest Iowa school is getting a late start to the New Year.

When school gets canceled, it’s often for weather. However, that’s not the case in George, Iowa.

Bats are causing classes to start a week late.

George, Iowa’s school is closed off to the public.  The only people allowed indoors are exterminators.  

While it’s not good news for everyone, 16-year-old Peyton Mauldin and 15-year-old Jared Kannegieter can’t contain their joy.
“I thought it was awesome! We’ve got extra summer!” Mauldin said.

“It was awesome! We get a whole another week! “Kannegieter said.

The classroom isn’t the most exciting place for these two soon-to be sophomores.

“No, school is not fun,” Mauldin said.

“It’s okay but I like summer better,” Kannegieter said.

Two weeks ago, an electrician found evidence of bats in the the building’s attic. Shortly after, school officials say they hired Orkin pest control.

Now, workers are cleaning up waste and sealing off cracks and crevices to keep the animals out.

Orkin pest control will spend the next week cleaning up and sterilizing the building. School officials say classes are expected to begin August 28.

Until then, these teens plan to take advantage of their extra free time.

“Just get ready for sports I guess,” Mauldin said.

“Pokémon Go is coming back so I’ll probably go Pokémon hunting,” Kannegieter said.

School officials say the bat removal process could cost around $50,000. 

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