Artist uses artwork to show life in Kenyan slum


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Kenyan artist is visiting Sioux Falls and using some of his artwork to give people a glimpse at what it’s like in the slums of Kenya. This comes after a fundraiser in Washington, D.C.,  helped benefit a local organization.

Adam Masava has been painting professionally for the last eight years. He uses his art to show what life is like in Kenya.

“I’m an artist who grew up in the slum and growing up in the slum is not easy, so slums are usually associated with or stereotyped with negativity, so me as an artist who grew up in the slum, I try to change that narrative.  I’m really trying my best to show the positive side of slum life,” artist Adam Masava said.

Recently an art show fundraiser in Washington, D.C., benefited the local nonprofit Seeds of Change. The nonprofit was founded by POET CEO Jeff Broin and his family in 2014.

“We take 100 percent of the proceeds and goes to one of the schools that we help, which is Mission Hope, or Mission Grow, the farming opportunities, we send it all back to some of the organizations that we have under Seeds of Change,” Vice president and co-founder of Seeds of Change Tammie Broin said.

Tuesday during a “lunch and learn” event at POET, employees had a chance to learn about the artist and his work.

“Having Adam here and to talk to him makes it a little more real for them and realize how different it is for us here and versus them over there and getting to hear his story of growing up in the slums,” Broin said.

To give people a better understanding of different areas of the world.

“To try and show people the Kenyan life, the community how it is, so they can be inspired and continue to help other countries which is really special,” Masava said.

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