Having foot pain, even in a mild form, can hold you back from doing everyday activities.  
If you’re not sure what’s causing your foot pain or it becomes worse, it’s time to talk with a professional about your options. 

Kimberly Cotter experienced foot pain for quite a while.  

“It was mostly when I would wake up in the morning.  I would not really be able to walk very well initially.  It would kind of wear off, but it was getting worse. So, I decided I needed to do something about it,” Cotter said.

Pedorthist Nick Kolterman, founder of Fit My Feet, says millions of people suffer from foot pain for a variety of reasons ranging from diabetes, arthritis and even regular physical activity. While surgery may be one way to fix the pain, Kolterman says there’s also a noninvasive option. 

“There’s a lot of types of shoes out there that really tailor to those specific types of diagnoses.  Another common one that we see with the referrals that we get from doctors is plantar fasciitis,” Kolterman said.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain, involving inflammation in the thick tissue running across the bottom of your foot. That’s what Cotter was experiencing.  

“They were recommending better supportive shoes and also some pain relieving techniques, so I came in to talk to the staff here and get in a better pair of shoes,” Cotter said. 

Cotter found a new pair of shoes to ease her pain. 

While you may already have a good brand of shoes, what matters most is if it’s the right shoe for you.

“And the pair of shoes I had wasn’t a bad brand, but it wasn’t the right shoe for what I needed. They didn’t have the support in the right places,” Cotter said. 

Kolterman says many people adapt their activity levels because of pain, whether it’s from a disease you have or everyday activities.

“We tailor to the diabetic foot; they tailor to the arthritic foot.  They tailor to that woman in the workforce that’s on her feet all day who has pain, but she doesn’t know what types of shoes she needs to be in for the certain diagnoses that she may have,” Kolterman said.

The solution could be as simple as a new pair of shoes.