Angela Kennecke Shares Her Story On CBS This Morning


If you weren’t able to catch CBS This Morning, our own Angela Kennecke made a quick trip to New York City to talk about her new crusade to stop the stigma surrounding addiction.

Here’s a look back at that conversation…

“The number of Americans dying from drug overdoses is dramatically increasing. The CDC estimates overdoses killed more than 72,000 people last year,” CBS This Morning host Gayle King said.

“One of those people was the daughter of KELO News anchor, Angela Kennecke. 

Angela lost her 21-year-old daughter Emily four months ago to a drug overdose. Now, Angela is returning to work with a new mission; to raise awareness,” King said.

“I just feel so compelled to let everybody know what happened to my daughter can happen to you. It could happen to your child,” Angela said. 

While at the desk with King, John Dickerson and Bianna Golodryga, Angela talked about what she went through and answered questions many parents may be thinking.

King: You had no idea she was using heroin? This was what I marvel at because you said you all were close. You knew she had had some drug issues, you said with marijuana. But you, an investigative reporter, had no idea that she was using heroin?

Angela: It was the most shocking thing to me. Needles? Middle-class kid, privileged, all these opportunities and things like that. It’s hard to explain addiction. It’s hard to understand. My child ran out of the doctor’s office once when she was going to get a shot. 

Angela also shared the day her daughter died, she was working on a story with other parents who had lost children to drug overdoses.

To her, this just shows how much this problem is not an isolated issue and needs to be brought down immediately.

King: Your advice is if you suspect, get in there and say something, because you said you were planning an intervention and you were too late.

Angela: Trust your instincts.

King: Trust your instincts. They very seldom fail you. Angela, thank you so much. I’m so sorry you’re here under these circumstances.

Emily’s Hope is the fund Angela has set up in her daughter’s memory to help others struggling with addiction.

 Click Here to watch the full interview from CBS This Morning. 

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