Amid Kavanaugh And Ford Testimony, Thune And Rounds Support Nominee


Hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing him of sexual assault, riveted the country Thursday.

Like so much in Washington, at the end of the day, or in this case the confirmation process, it becomes a simple question of whether or not you have the votes you need. If all senators are voting, 51 yes votes are needed. Right now, the balance of power in the Senate is 51 to 49 in the Republicans’ favor. 

Both Thune and Rounds are sympathetic to Ford.

“I think she is a very sincere person who has gone through a major trauma in her life,” Rounds said. “I don’t know what caused the trauma, and I don’t know about her well-being.” 

“Clearly she had a traumatic experience, and something that has stayed with her for a long time, and I thought she was, came across today credibly,” Thune said.

Both senators have good things to say about Kavanaugh, too.

“You got an opportunity to hear from Judge Kavanaugh, who I thought was incredibly convincing as well, and so, like I said, you’re kind of left with, who do you believe?” Thune said. “Because I don’t think, I think this entire circumstance lacks enough evidence, enough facts to enable us to really get to the truth of what happened.” 

“I had supported the judge earlier, I’ve seen nothing yet that would make me change my mind, but I also want to once again go back and review the full recording of her full statement, and the earlier questions that I did not get a chance to look at,” Rounds said.

Right now, both Republican senators would support him.

“At this point, it is my intention to support him, but I’ve got some work that I want to do for my own due diligence, just so that in my own mind, I’ve looked at everything,” Rounds said.

“I intend based on everything I’ve seen so far, and course what we heard today, if the process moves forward, again, assuming that it will, I would expect to be a yes vote,” Thune said.

Both senators say a vote could happen around the middle of next week.

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