We’re sharing for the first time air traffic control audio from Sunday’s deadly plane crash in McCook County.

69-year-old Comet Haraldson called to report medical issues while in the sky before his crash. In the audio you can only hear the side of air traffic control, as they try to help Haroldson after he reported some medical issues. You can hear the concern grow as the calls continue.

“November one niner one, this is a supervisor. I need you find a road rather than circling up over there. Is there a road nearby you can find and land safely on?”

“Cherokee one niner one, a field at this point would be pretty hard with temperatures. If you could find a safe field to put it down then we do have your latitude and longitude and we are sending help on your way.”

“One niner one, I want to help you in every way that I can. If there’s anyway you can get that plane on the ground so we can get ambulance or if we can get fire or ambulance to you.” 

“One niner one, can you descend the aircraft towards the field, sir? Please.” 

The Federal Aviation Administration has also confirmed that Comet Haraldson did not have a valid medical certificate. According to a FAA spokesperson, Haraldson’s medical certificate expired on October 31st, 2018.  

Under a law passed in 2016, private pilots do not need the certificate if they take a medical education course. According to the FAA website, Haraldson did not take the class. 

There is no word on the exact cause of the crash because the government shutdown is halting FAA investigations from being released.

We did reach out to Haroldson’s former law firm, Wood Fuller, who said he was a man with a great sense of humor, a gifted athlete and musician and he will be greatly missed at the office.

Haroldson’s funeral will be held Saturday morning at First Lutheran Church.