WATERTOWN, S.D. (KELO) — Rodeo fans in Watertown are saddling up for some pro rodeo this weekend.

Watertown will be welcoming it’s first pro rodeo event in around 30 years to the newly renovated Derby Downs Rodeo Grounds. They will bring in riders who compete at a professional level from multiple states.

“The goal is to continue to bring pro athletes in this sport to Watertown, not just through the pro rodeo but through camps, clinics things like that that we can involve the kids in,” said Mackenzie Blais, President of K&H Rodeo Company.

Having a pro rodeo event will also draw other people in the community and bring more revenue for local businesses.

“They’ll come and they’ll eat at their restaurant drink beer at our bars and they’ll stay at our hotels and they will just pump money into the local economy, but more than that, it will build for the next year and the year after that is what I’m hoping for,” said Mayor Ried Holien, Watertown.

“I think it definitely means a lot to the community, hopefully brings some money to the community but more importantly money into Derby Downs, if we can keep updating this facility, there’s projects we want to do out here and not just the sport on this side of the state but growing it in Watertown,” said Blais.

They are hoping these rodeo events entertain the community while also inspiring the future generation of rodeo contestants.

“I think anytime you can see a pro athlete compete in a sport that you’re passionate about, or you’re in favor of, it only generates more excitement and more fun for everyone involved,” said Blais.

Bringing the entire community together to enjoy the state’s sport.

“I really do think there’s a lot of a people here that want to see rodeo, I can be one of them. I’m not anyone, i think I’ve been to one rodeo in my life but I will come here because this is fantastic for Watertown,” said Holien.

You can see the pro rodeo for yourself this Friday and Saturday beginning at 7 p.m. You can get tickets here.