Both Kristi Noem and Dusty Johnson won a majority of counties across the state to win in the Governor and U.S. House races.

In the Congressional race, Johnson won 62 out of the 66 counties in South Dakota.
Shantel Krebs won Harding and Bennett Counties, while Neal Tapio won Oglala Lakota and Tripp Counties.

As for the Governor’s race, Kristi Noem won 59 of the 66 counties in South Dakota.
Marty Jackley won seven, including Butte, Meade, Pennington, Lawrence, Corson, Hughes and Lake Counties.

Tuesday, the state saw at about a 26 percent voter turnout across the state. That’s up compared to the last few primaries.

In 2016, voter turnout was about 22 percent, while in 2014 about 21 percent of voters cast ballots during the primary.