Smoother Roads Ahead: Greg Jamison says his slogan lays out his plan for Sioux Falls very clearly. The mayoral candidate explains to us what he would do to make that happen if he’s elected in April.

Greg Jamison was born and raised in Sioux Falls. He raised his two children here, and still has his extended family within city limits.

“What happens here is important to me. It’s important to them. So there’s a sense of responsibility and service to it all,” said mayoral candidate, Greg Jamison. 

Jamison has a lot of ideas for the city. One of his biggest goals as mayor would be building good communication with the different groups that impact the community.

“Smoother Roads Ahead is a lot about fixing roads, as I’ve said. But it’s also about relationships with the Chamber of Commerce, the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the state of South Dakota, the Development Foundation. All those relationships being smoother, moving ahead,” said Jamison.

He also wants to communicate with young people. He already met with superintendents at the Sioux Falls’s schools. As mayor, Jamison would like to create a drug prevention program for kids to cut back crime.

“My cooperation would be to have those police officers available to do it. The schools would be the ones to allow that to happen. So together we’ll provide prevention treatment. That’s the biggest piece we can do,” said Jamison. 

This will be Jamison’s second run for mayor, and he’s says he’s more prepared than ever to take on the task.

“Having served eight years on the city council and now two years in the state legislature, I feel like I’m ready! And it’s a great opportunity to serve the public and I’m just excited to do it,” said Jamison. 

Jamison says he’d like to bring a 5G network into Sioux Falls to attract younger citizens. He also wants to look at bringing a baseball diamond to the downtown area for games, events and more.