CASTLEWOOD, S.D. (KELO) — Today, you have the chance to escape reality for a little while and enjoy local flowers.

Pixie Acres Flower Farm in Castlewood is not typically open to visitors, but this evening you have the chance to walk through the rows of flowers and get a look at the farm for yourself during one of their farm tours.

Bees are buzzing, chickens are roaming, flowers are blooming, all is peaceful at Pixie Acres Flower Farm. Soon visitors will be touring and exploring the farm themselves.

“We have tours at 5:30 and 7 p.m., and it’s just like a nice opportunity to come out and actually see the flowers,” said Jessie Ruml, owner and operator. “You can frolic through the flowers, you can smell all the flowers, you can touch the flowers.”

“Take it in, you know it’s a lot to take in there’s so many different varieties and people just enjoy coming out and getting their hands on them,” said Philip Ruml.

The farm began four years ago and has now bloomed into a large operation, with around 60 different types of flowers.

“Flower farming is a lot of work, it’s a lot of hard work, there’s a lot of dirt and grime and warm and hot and cold days involved in flower farming, so it’s always nice to have customers out to see it through their eyes,” said Jessie. “They can kind of see the joy that we are trying to spread through our flowers.”

The event helps build the producer to consumer connection, giving customers a chance to see exactly how flowers are grown in South Dakota.

“I hope that they can see how much work goes into the flowers, but also just to enjoy them and to spend some time with their family or friends, whoever they bring out to the farm,” said Jessie. “It just brings us joy to see them enjoying what we are doing for them.”

“It is very rewarding, it’s obviously a ton of work throughout the season so seeing people coming out and enjoying them is very rewarding,” said Philip.

Spreading joy through beautiful blossoms.

“Of course they love to, it’s so fun to see the customers out here to enjoy the fruits of our labor,” said Jessie.

Tickets are required for the tours and everyone who comes will leave with a small bouquet.