Flashback Friday: Farm equipment in 1982


From tractors to plows and combines, it takes a lot of machinery to plant and harvest a crop.

Farming has changed a lot over the years and that’s especially true when it comes to the equipment that is used.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, Joyce Terveen takes us back to August of 1982 where people gather to celebrate horsepower and old fashioned farming.

It was once up to these strong yet gentle creatures to till the soil.  

With names like Dick, or, Dan, or Betsy, the belgians, and clydesdales and percherons were almost members of the family. 

There are those in the region that have held on to that real horsepower, and share that by-gone beauty with others at this third annual horsepower day.  

Whether it be a pair of mules pulling more than their own weight or a team of draft horses working the field, the scene always captivates its audience. 

“I think horses are something that appeal to all age groups. The old-timers because they worked with them years ago, grew up with them. The very young generation because it is new to them, and those of us in between, we got in on the end of the horse era, and we do remember a little bit of it.”  

The horse-owners here compete for awards, but many put their horses to work on farm jobs.  

To them the horse era has a certain appeal.  

“It’s very nice, even therapeutic to be out there where you can hear the birds sing, and not have to listen to the diesel bellowing in your ears and the smoke fumes in your face.”  

And there are those who watch with remembering eyes and tell each other those days of being harnessed to horsepower were certainly the good-old-days. 

“Talked to the number around here, maybe the country would still be in better shape if we were still going that way.” 

Joyce Terveen, KELOLAND News, Jeffers, Minnesota.

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