KINGSBURY COUNTY, S.D. — A South Dakota farm family is feeling extremely grateful for people stepping up to help them in a time of need.

Shawn Geyer says his father Dan was diagnosed with cancer in the throat and lymph nodes a little over a month ago.

“With it being so close to planting season and one of our busiest times of the year it was getting overwhelming,” Farmer Shawn Geyer said.

Geyer’s friend told him to reach out to Farm Rescue, a non-profit that provides help, free of charge, to farm and ranch families experiencing hardships.

He did, and the organization answered the call.

Farm Rescue volunteers from Minnesota, Texas, and Indiana have been helping the Geyers plant soybeans this week.

Mike Youngblood, who worked for John Deere for decades, says there’s no better joy than helping a farmer in need.

“I’ve learned all this stuff. God’s telling me this is what I’ve got to do. ‘I’ve trained you go get out there and do it,'” Volunteer Mike Youngblood said.

Chester Arnold is a new volunteer, with about a week under his belt.

He feels blessed to be here.

“It’s what’s right. This is a mission that I got from doing a lot of praying. God put it on my heart,” Volunteer Chester Arnold said.

And their help is lifting a tremendous burden for the Geyer family.

“We probably would’ve gotten things done, but wouldn’t have been timely. Would’ve put a lot more stress on us. With them helping it relieved a lot of pressure,” Geyer said.

Shawn farms in partnership with his father Dan and his uncle Jerry.

Shawn says his father is doing better every day, and he’ll start treatments in the coming weeks.

The family wants to thank Farm Rescue, the volunteers, and the sponsors.