A group of people driving recreational vehicles gathered in Sioux Falls Monday morning, but not for the start of a summer vacation. Instead, the RVers are here for a working vacation, helping Habitat for Humanity build new homes.

Richard and Linda Stewart are combining two of their favorite activities this summer, traveling in their RV and helping others.

“Our summer plan is a combination of volunteering here with Habitat and doing summer mission trips,” Habitat volunteer Linda Stewart said.
The Stewart’s have worked on Habitat for Humanity projects in Wichita, Kansas. That connection eventually led them to Sioux Falls.

“Because there was a need. there was a need and an opportunity to come and give back and be a part of this great group,” Stewart said.
The RV volunteers will be here for two weeks, working on five homes in northwest Sioux Falls. The Stewart’s say it’s satisfying to watch the buildings go up, but the real payoff is meeting future homeowners, including mother of five, Meron Horsa.
“We’re really not here for the house. We’re here for her family, because it is their lives, living in the house, that we hope to affect in a positive way,” Stewart said.

“It’s touching. I’m a very emotional person. I don’t really want to get emotional, but it’s very touching to know somebody who does not even know you at all come out here. They’re not getting paid,” future habitat homeowner Meron Horsa said.
Horsa is putting in 200 hours of sweat equity to qualify for a Habitat home, but she doesn’t plan to quit when the building is done.

“I appreciate everyone that is here to help. It makes you think about the future and what you’re going to do and how you’re going to be a better person and how you’re going to give back in the future” Horsa said.

The Stewart’s say the rewards of volunteering make for a great summer vacation.

“People say, I don’t have any skills. You don’t really have to have a skill because there is always something that anybody can do,” said Richard Stewart.

“You seek to help somebody else, but in the process, we somehow end up being blessed,” said Stewart.

If you would like to volunteer to work for the Sioux Falls chapter of Habitat for Humanity, click here.