A Non-Motorized Treadmill


With the low temperatures across KELOLAND, more runners may be turning to treadmills to get their exercise in.

But at Sanford Wellness, that’s not the only way to complete your jog.

Drew Andela has been active most of his life, but says cardio hasn’t always played a big role in his fitness routine until recently. 

“I’m actually getting ready for a half marathon in April so I’ve just been doing like mileage on just treadmills,” Andela said. 

He says the treadmill has helped, but after years of playing the position of catcher in baseball his knees are feeling the pain.

“Running now is … really does put a lot on my knees,” Andela said. 

But giving up running isn’t an option with his upcoming race. And thanks to Sanford Wellness’ new machine the SKILLMILL, he won’t have to.  

“It’s a curved treadmill that differs a little bit from a regular treadmill. The regular treadmill you can push the button and the belt goes, here you have to manually make the belt go yourself,” Exercise Specialist Rachel Breidenbach said. 

Breidenbach says because you’re powering the machine yourself it’s a tougher workout, but light on your joints. 

“A treadmill has a flat surface so it’s a little bit more pounding on your feet. Here it takes a little bit of that off because of the curve, it’s a little bit easier on your feet and your legs and your knees,” Breidenbach said. 

After just a few minutes on the machine Andela says he can feel the difference.

Although the machine looks similar to curved treadmills, Breidenbach says the SKILLMILL differs by giving you the option to add resistance, making the workout harder.

An important piece of information experts want newcomers to keep in mind is to utilize the handlebars until you get familiar with this machine. 

Because you’ll soon realize just how quick you can get going. 

And for those who aren’t looking to jog, Breidenbach says this is still an option for you. 

“You can do mountain climbers, you can do side steps, lots of different options,” Breidenbach said. 

To find out more information on the SKILLMILL, click here.

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