A Flipper’s Dream


Flipping through TV channels, you may have come across home renovation shows like ‘Fixer Upper’ or ‘Flip Or Flop’.

Crews gutting the homes never know exactly what they’ll find inside…  and a lot of finds catch them by surprise.

That’s the case for one local broker flipping his first home in Sioux Falls. 

Fall 2018. 

Brady Daly is walking into his first flip as an Associate Broker for Hegg Realtors. 

It’s a home that sits right on the corner of 22nd Street and West Avenue.

A straight shot across from the Sanford Children’s Hospital. 

“You know a lot of 70s and 80s style stuff. Some dark maroon carpet we’re removing,” said Daly. 

It’s a big venture for the 23-year-old.  Luckily he has help. 

Daly and his Dad spent a lot of time gutting the fireplace and reconfiguring it. 

But there was something that stood out. 

A glass bottle buried underneath the bricks. 

“The time is January 18, 1971″,” Daly said. 

A note from the previous owners. Detailing everything down to the “news of the time”. 

But the surprises don’t stop there. 

“I guess we just felt like we kind of had to. Might as well reach out, see how everything is going. After we’re done with everything here we’re going to send the note down to them so they can get it framed and put it up in their home,” said Daly. 

As any 20-something would do, Daly turned to Facebook to look for Russ and Rose Brabec, the writers of the note. 

And there they were. 

Living in Tallahassee, Florida happily married years after leaving their old Sioux Falls home. 

“Hello, this is Rose Marie,” says Brabec.

Daly and the Brabec’s even got a chance to FaceTime about the very night they penned the letter.

“Let’s see, I was probably 22 and Russ was about 24,” said Brabec. 

“She had recalled the entire story of the night they wrote the note. She said they danced until they had blisters on their feet, and just had a great time. I think it was one of the first nights in their new house,” Daly said. 

“We ourselves remodel houses, and rip things apart, but sadly all these years we’ve never found a time capsule, so I’m happy you all found it and it didn’t get destroyed,” said Brabec.

Even though time has passed, both the Brabec’s and Daly are excited for the home’s future. 

“I forwarded on some before and we’re going to do some after pictures to Rose and we’re going to send them on to her kids so they can see the different progress of the house,” said Daly. 

“I mean it’s kind of a flipper’s dream to find something as cool as that and for it to happen on one of our first flips is fantastic. I’m not going to keep my hopes up for the next one that we’ll find something cool, but I’m glad we found it on this one,” Daly said. 

Daly will list the home for sale once the renovations are finished in a couple of weeks. 

He plans to frame the note this week and send it to Tallahassee so the Brabec’s can display it in their Florida home. 

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