A downtown Sioux Falls block will soon have more of a big city feel. Crews are working on three different projects near the Washington Pavilion.

We’re taking you inside the projects to explain why owners call it a future arts and entertainment district.

The demolition days are done at Blarney Stone Irish Pub. Crews have been working for months to fix up the former Touch of Europe building that went through a fire and a flood.

“They had really beautiful brick work. We’ve tried to save as much of that brick work as possible,” Director of Operations Russ Wanner said.

Wanner says they’ll start putting up more brick, reclaimed wood and other unique features now. Blarney Stone is combining three different storefronts along Phillips Avenue near 12th Street.

“We have two big doors that will open towards Phillips Avenue. People will be able to enjoy the sounds of what’s going on outside,” Wanner said.

On the same block crews are working on one of the largest projects downtown Sioux Falls has ever seen. Washington Square will have three restaurants, office space and condos.

“There will be more entertainment. It’s going to compliment the Pavilion,” Chris Houwman, who is part of the ownership group for Washington Square, said.

Washington Square will be right across the street from the Washington Pavilion. There you can catch all types of events, including Broadway shows.

“We wanted to create an entertainment district and compliment the Pavilion. We’ve achieved that,” Houwman said.

Also on the block crews are remodeling an old transmission shop into a restaurant. It was built in the early 1900s and is one of the few wood, bowed structured buildings in the country.

“In front of the Pavilion, there’s going to be all outdoor seating,” Houwman said.

Houwman envisions not only people socializing here, but also enjoying music and

It’s a big city feel in downtown Sioux Falls.

“It’s really alive. You can just feel it when you’re downtown,” Wanner said.

So far The Parlour Ice Cream House has signed up to be a part of Washington Square.
We’re expecting two more announcements on restaurants in the building within the next few weeks.