From volunteers at the Super Bowl, to lawmakers, police, and even the general public, a lot of people are making an effort to end human trafficking. On Thursday in Sioux Falls, that included a special event at Sioux Falls First church. It was a night of music, prayer, testimony, and a resolve to battle the slavery that is among us.

“This cause has really stirred in me a desire to make a difference for these women and young girls who are being trafficked,” Call to Freedom volunteer Amy Sumner said.

“This is a night to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking, and specifically sex trafficking in Sioux Falls and in our own state, which happens more than people would know,” Call to Freedom Director of Operations Julie Klinger said.

Attendees sang songs and listened to Call to Freedom Executive Director Becky Rasmussen.

“I think that the important thing for people to know is that sex trafficking is real, and that it’s real here in Sioux Falls, and in the state of South Dakota,” Sumner said.

The upcoming Super Bowl was on her mind, too.

“They talked tonight about the fact that the Super Bowl is bringing a lot of sex trafficking traffic through our state to get to the Minneapolis area and so, we need to know what the signs are of sex trafficking,” Sumner said.

Attendees could see on the wall of the church sobering statistics and images highlighting the uncomfortable—and essential—conversation.

“It’s a hard thing to talk about it, but it’s super important for people to understand,” Klinger said.

Call to Freedom is also holding self-defense classes. There are still spots open for the class being held on Saturday, January 20.