58 Cars In The Ditch Friday; Highway Patrol Says Stay Safe


This week’s cold temperatures aren’t letting up any time soon, and can be dangerous, even life threatening. 

An 83-year-old woman froze to death after crashing her car near Revillo ,South Dakota earlier this week. 

The family of the woman who died wants this to be a reminder for all those who love someone elderly or with dementia… look out for them, especially during these freezing temperatures. 

The victim’s daughter wants to share her mom’s story soon, in hopes of helping others, but isn’t ready yet. 

In the meantime, I spoke with South Dakota Highway Patrol. They say they’ve seen almost 60 incidents out on the roads Friday.

Stranded on the side of the road. 

“The biggest thing is having a cellphone, or some way of communicating,” South Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Jason Husby said. 

Even if it’s not active, phones can still dial 911. 

“How many of us have an old cellphone in a junk drawer laying around at home? Take that phone and a car charger and put it in your glove box,” Husby said. 

If you don’t have a cellphone, and find yourself stranded… 

“Put your four-way flashers on, maybe raise their hood. That would alert other motorists that there is a problem,” Husby said. 

There’s no shortage of problems for Highway Patrol on Friday.

“We’ve had 58 motorist assists, or vehicles off the road,” Husby said.

The back roads may seem like a safer option.  

“I would recommend those higher traveled roadways, such as interstates,” Husby said. 

Highway Patrol Captain Jason Husby says you’re still safer on the interstate. 

“There are other motorists around, if you were happen to break down or something,” Husby said. 

Husby says in rural areas, a phone is a lifeline. 

“We’ve actually had people be able to tell us where they’re at, based off of an app, like Find My iPhone,” Husby said. 

On busy days like Friday, that location can make all the difference in finding someone lost out in the cold. 

Captain Husby also told me in the last week alone four Department of Transportation plows have been rear ended  or hit by drivers not being careful when driving on icy roads. 

Husby wants everyone to remember–the plows are out for a reason. To clear the roads. 

They can’t do that, if they’re out of commission for a crash.

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