30 Unmarked Infant Graves Finally Get Headstones

Woodlawn Cemetery Mystery Children Burial

It’s been a mystery in Sioux Falls for over 100 years. There are 30 children who were buried in unmarked graves at Woodlawn Cemetery.  

They’d never had a proper burial.  But that all ended on Tuesday with a special dedication ceremony and service of remembrance. 

It’s the funeral they probably never got. 

“For whatever reason these babies never had a marker on their grave,” Woodlawn Cemetery board member Gary Conradi said. 

And had gone unmarked for over a century, a final resting place, buried with so many questions. 

Some of their first names and how they died are still unknown to this day.  Records only show where they were buried in the cemetery, a name and date of death. 

“The death of babies, it wasn’t considered as significant as it is today, and I think in many cases there were no services for those babies,” Conradi said. 

Woodlawn Cemetery raised more than $10,000 to buy these children a proper gravestone. 

“The cemetery is a reverent place.  As you look around the cemetery, you see all these markers that memorialize people who lived before and all of the sudden we have an area, we realized that’s not happening,” Conradi said. 

But now, it’s finally happening; a service and final resting place now etched in time. 

“When I think about these children and look at their dates of death and they died very early in life, I wonder what kind of personalities these children may have grown up with and I also wonder about what contributions they might have made to our society had they lived,” Conradi said. 

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