Trucks carrying the set for a nine time Tony Award-winning musical rolled in Sioux Falls on Tuesday.  The Book of Mormon makes its debut Wednesday night.  The show will help the Pavilion’s bottom line, but is also a piece of a half billion dollar impact in Sioux Falls. 

Musicals, plays, concerts, athletic events and conventions have all beefed up their presence in the city.  

“If someone says there’s nothing to do in Sioux Falls, then they really need to open their eyes.  There’s something going on all the time,” Teri Schmidt said. 

The Book of Mormon will have seven performances at the Pavilion.  It is part of the venue’s new effort to add more shows for audience demand.  Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Teri Schmidt says all of the events have an economic ripple effect. 

“When there’s something big going on in town, people are at gas stations, filling up their cars to drive home.  They’re eating in the restaurants.  They’re shopping all over the town,” Schmidt said. 

All of this made for a lucrative 2016.  Schmidt says concerts, plays, sporting events, conventions — you name it — brought nearly $500 million into the city. 

“Not too shabby at all.  That’s what these events are doing to Sioux Falls,” Schmidt said. 

Here is what else the events are doing.  Schmidt says all of the venues and entertainment attractions have boosted tourism in the area. 

“A lot of people would say tourism only happens in the Black Hills in South Dakota.  That’s just not a fact.  We had over 60 foreign countries visit Sioux Falls last year,” Schmidt said. 

Schmidt says the ever-growing medical industry in the area will also help bring more visitors and dollars to Sioux Falls. 

Whether it is courtside or front row, Schmidt says the impact to the city will continue to be something to see.  

“All of those market shares continue to grow.  As Sioux Falls grows, so does the visitor business,” Schmidt said.