When you’re dining in a restaurant, a sommelier, or certified wine specialist, can assist you in selecting the perfect wine for your meal. But what happens when you’re browsing the shelves of seemingly endless choices of bottles, wondering how to select a good wine?

Jeremy Lloyd is the wine manager at WilLiquor’s in Sioux Falls and he’s here to offer some tips to help you pick one of those good wines on WilLiquor’s shelves. He’s also got the details on some upcoming wine tasting events that could help you find a wine you love without having to pour a bottle of the wine you don’t like down the drain.

WilLiquors is Sioux Falls’ largest liquor shop. It’s honestly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, so stop and see it for yourself. They’re located at 3625 West Avera Drive in Sioux Falls. And you can find their specials and selection on their website at WilLiquors.com. They’re open seven days a week and curbside service is available. Whatever you’re looking for, they can help you start your weekend warmup at WilLiquors.