Why being a ‘novel virus’ turned COVID-19 into a pandemic


News and updates about the coronavirus are moving so quickly that certain terms and explanations of the virus can leave us with more questions than answers. That’s why we thought it would be worth revisiting some questions about the virus such as, “How does the coronavirus actually work?” Patricia Tille is a biomedical health scientist and the Chair of the Microbiology Advisory Committee of the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science, which is a non-governmental affiliate of the World Health Organization. She’s here to take us back to the basics and break down how the coronavirus works so we can all understand how to better protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

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  • Life Coach Lisa Cuzman explains more about how journaling and putting our emotions on paper can actually help improve our mental health during this trying time.
  • Our local educators have spent the last few weeks doing the seemingly impossible, teaching all of our children without ever being able to be in the same room with them. We checked in with 5 of these teachers to hear how everything is going. From their challenges – to the innovative ways they have found […]
  • The White House and CDC released new guidelines today recommending that Americans wear cloth covering their mouths and noses in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That has people searching for face masks, only to be greeted by empty store shelves…once again. The N-95 masks are being reserved for medical personnel and […]
  • Researchers have found that listening to music can be effective for reducing stress levels in people who are experiencing levels of anxiety. I think it’s safe to say that is a lot of us lately. The power of music is nothing new for our South Dakota Symphony Orchestra music director. Delta David Gier, has seen […]
  • So far this week we have talked with a high school teacher, a principal, a middle school math teacher and a kindergarten teacher. But we have one more unique perspective to share with you. Imagine what it’s like to teach when each of your students has a completely unique learning plan. Ashley Thompson recently spoke […]
  • If you are experiencing a fever or cough, or think you might have COVID-19, call your doctor’s clinic or sign in to Sanford My Chart to schedule an e-visit. You’ll also find advice on visitor restrictions and what you need to know about the coronavirus on Sanford My Chart or their website at sanfordhealth.org.
  • Bob Mundt is the President and CEO of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. He’s here to help us provide some answers to those questions with resources and support for whatever side of the decision you find yourself on.
  • Heidi Dooley, a kindergarten teacher at Robert Frost Elementary, sat down with us to share more about what challenges she’s faced and how her experience has been with young students.
  • Many of us are now working remotely from home, but how many of you are the CEO of a company that is now doing business remotely? Running a company is about more than just the business, it’s also about the people – but creating a positive work environment and engaging your employees from home can […]
  • Jessie Schmidt is the South Dakota State Director of the Better Business Bureau. We recently sat down to meet over Zoom to talk about COVID-19 scams and how we can all avoid falling victim.

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