This time of year, the days are getting shorter and it’s often cloudy. There is also less daylight with each passing day. It’s a fact of life we live with across KELOLAND. One other thing many of us can expect to face as part of life is a condition known as a cataract, it can develop as you age.

Yet that doesn’t mean you have to accept cloudy or blurry vision as a fact of aging.

I recently sat down with board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Brent Kramer to find out how he and the rest of the team at Vance Thompson Vision can remove the cataracts in your eyes and have you seeing all the beauty of autumn in KELOLAND.

If you suspect you might have a cataract and want to clear your vision as quickly as possible, look no further than Vance Thompson Vision. You will be greeted with excellence from the moment you walk in the doors.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brent Kramer or any of the doctors at Vance Thompson Vision to discuss what vision correction option is the best for your eyes, give them a call in Sioux Falls at 605-361-EYES that’s 3937. You can also find out more by visiting VanceThompsonVision.Com.