The more you know about your health, or the health of someone you care about, the more you can do to improve the quality of the health care everyone receives. And studies show that access to credible, timely, health information can not only improve the delivery of health care, it can also reduce medication and medical errors, as well as the costs of health care by reducing unnecessary medical tests and services. Health Connect of South Dakota Executive Director, Fran Rice, and Whitney Jibben, who is the current Vice-President of the organization’s board of directors joined us in the studio today. They stopped by to tell us about some upcoming events that can improve your access to that credible, timely, health information we just talked about.

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Health Connect of South Dakota is committed to a healthier society by providing health-focused information and resources, advocacy, and evidence-based programming in the state. Their offices are located at 2011 West 26th Street in Sioux Falls and you can reach them by phone at 605-371-1000. If you’d like to see all of the resources and information they have available, just check out their website at