Are you among the estimated 30-million Americans who are dealing with the numbness, burning, stabbing, or shooting pains in your hands or feet? If all that sounds familiar to you, you probably are among those struggling with a condition known as neuropathy. Those complaints are nothing new for the doctors at the A. Unruh Chiropractic Clinic in Sioux Falls. In fact, we were joined today by its founder, Dr. Allen Unruh.
He knows that this painful, often debilitating, condition can spread up your arms and legs if left untreated. Thankfully, joined us to tell us more about his clinic’s comprehensive program for effectively treating Neuropathy.

Every member of the team at A. Unruh Chiropractic Clinic is committed to using unique and proven therapies to help patients with even the most difficult cases find relief. If you’d like to find the freedom to move without pain, just give them a call at 605-332-1962 or reach out to them online at Their office is located at 600 North Western Avenue in Sioux Falls.

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