If you were to ask anyone lucky enough to have been there, like me for instance, they will tell you that there are endless reasons to travel to Iceland. The country has long been known for its stunning landscapes, but that’s only the beginning of what draws people there, including Holiday Vacations and KELOLAND TV News anchor, Tom Hanson, next October. Unfortunately, Tom wasn’t able to join us today to tell us about his trip, because he’s just three weeks into his recovery from knee replacement surgery. So, he’s going to sit this one out for now.

Thankfully, though Holiday Vacations Destination Manager Kristin Wells was able to join us via Zoom to tell us about the tour and what Tom and you will get to see if you join the group.

Discover Iceland’s best-known national treasures, mystical northern lights, ancient sagas, and unique traditions. Iceland is a land of fire and ice with ancient volcanoes and grandiose glaciers. Are you ready to tour the “Golden Circle?” Then be sure to set aside October 7th through the thirteenth to travel with Holiday Vacations and KELOLAND News Anchor Tom Hanson. You’ll find more information online at HolidayVacations.com. Don’t forget to use the keyword: KELOLAND. To request a free brochure with all the details of this trip, simply call 888-557-1020 and one of Holiday Vacations friendly tour consultants will be happy to help you.

And don’t forget to head online at your convenience to watch the online travel show about this trip. You’ll receive a $100 Holiday Vacations Travel Credit just for watching the show. Simply head over to HolidayVacations.com and enter the keyword KELOLAND.