There are so many things that go into providing the best jumping off point for your kids’ success. Almost every parent out there probably feels that struggle one way or another. Setting kids up for academic success through preschool, while important, isn’t always financially possible for every family. That’s where Sioux Falls Hope Coalition comes in.

Amy Benda is the executive director of Sioux Falls Hope Coalition.

She joined us here today to explain how the Sioux Falls Hope Coalition can help families who fall below 185% of the federal poverty level connect with preschool.

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Sioux Falls Hope Coalition is a 2023 Vern Eide Mitsubishi Tradition of Caring Grant Recipient. The Sioux Falls Hope Coalition focuses on narrowing the achievement gap in our community through one simple strategy: Ensuring that every child gets a chance to attend preschool. They are currently accepting applications for enrollment for the fall 2023-2024 school year. To apply simply go to You can also find out more information about them and make a donation through their website.