Months after the COVID-19 pandemic up-ended our world, health professional are still recommending that we all practice social distancing. That has left event organizers, companies, and even families scrambling to either cancel special events, postpone them until the threat passes, or come up with a creative alternative. The two people who joined us today say opting for that last option allows you to hold an event without compromising anyone’s safety.. Chris Hintz is the founder and president of Pinnacle Productions and Addie Graham-Kramer is the founder and CEO of The Event Company.

You can find Chris and his crew at Pinnacle Productions, simply by calling them at 605-679-6089 or reach out online at Elevate your event with Pinncale Productions.

Addie and her team can be found at 230 South Phillips Avenue in Sioux Falls. By calling 605-366-7022, or online at Go virtual together with The Event Company.