We’ve been talking a lot this month about suicide. We’re not doing that to sensationalize the problem, but instead to really focus on an issue that has been shrouded in secrecy and darkness for far too long. While the problem won’t go away overnight, our hope is that by taking a strong look at suicide and the signs many of us usually choose not to see, we can make a difference and reduce the numbers that have continued to climb.

That is also the mission of something known as “The 437 Project.” It’s a joint effort of the Helpline Center in South Dakota and Avera Behavioral Health. Joining us today were Matt Smith, a runner with the 437 Project from Dacotah Bank and Alex Pool, who is also running and representing the Helpline Center.

They were here to explain what The 437 Project is and how they hope it will raise awareness about suicide prevention and raise funds to support those efforts throughout the year.

The inaugural 437 Project will run 437 miles across the state of South Dakota beginning this Thursday and will be raising funds to support the Helpline Center. The Helpline Center is the only accredited suicide crisis center in the state of South Dakota. It serves thousands of people each year by organizing local agency volunteers, and offering hope to individuals with thoughts of suicide. You can help this effort by attending one of the nine community events being help across the state, and by making a donation to the Helpline Center at the437project.org. Want to know more about the 437 project? Send an email to info@the437project.org.