Think of all the errands you’ve got to run this week: Taking kids to practices, picking up groceries and so much more. One thing you might take for granted? The car you use. And, while you might not give your ride a second thought, today’s guest knows just how valuable every ride is.

Mark Compson is the Owner of T&A Auto Service in Sioux Falls.

He joined us in the studio today to explain more about how T&A’s Honest answers, Custom solutions and Incomparable experience have helped T&A become a trusted auto-body repair shop for the past 40 plus years. Plus, Mark also filled us in on how he and his team can get your car ready for the summer heat ahead.

Signs your A/C should be looked at

Find out why T&A Auto Service has been a trusted auto repair shop in Sioux Falls for more than 40 years. You’ll find them at 3412 S Minnesota Avenue or by calling 605-339-9717 to make an appointment. When you’re having car problems, it’s important to choose an auto repair shop you can trust. That’s why T&A Auto Service wants to be your friend in the automotive business.