In this next segment, we discuss the topic of suicide. If you or a loved one are having suicidal thoughts, you can call, text, or chat 988 and get connected with a trained professional.
If you are a South Dakotan who has lost a loved one to suicide, you can reach out to to learn about the different resources the Helpline Center has to offer.

Most of us have been there, where a friend or loved one confides in us that life has them in a dark place. Maybe they’ve just experienced something traumatic, perhaps they have had ongoing mental health struggles, maybe it’s something we can’t even understand – but regardless of the situation, knowing what to say, or if you should say something, is hard.

Erin Bosch is the Chief Development Officer for Lost and Found.

She joined us today to talk about strategies we all can employ to make sure our friends and loved ones feel safe and secure confiding in us, but also to remind us that thoughts about suicide should never be kept a secret.