If you’ve ever had to care for an aging friend or loved one, you know it can be rewarding, and challenging at the same time. Now, imagine multiplying the number of people you’re caring for. That’s the everyday reality for both family members and health care workers in long-term care facilities. It’s no wonder that so many caregivers are reporting record rates of burnout.

Carole South-Winter is an Associate Professor of Health Services Administration at the University of South Dakota. She’s addressing this growing problem through the Care Project which aims to help caregivers rekindle their love of caregiving. Emily Kokales also joined us. She is a student with the student organization on campus known as Health Executives Advancing Leadership, or HEAL, that is working with the Care Project.

Four other members of HEAL, Jaslee Kerner, Becca Beshan, Michael Merry and Julia Platt also demonstrated how the CARE Project works.