In this segment, we discuss the topic of suicide. If you or a loved one are having suicidal thoughts, you can call, text, or chat 988 and get connected with a trained professional.
If you are a South Dakotan who has lost a loved one to suicide, you can reach out to to learn about the different resources the Helpline Center has to offer.

In a world where isolation and despair can often take hold, one lifeline to those in crisis is storytelling. People who share their own stories have the extraordinary ability to break down the walls of stigma and silence surrounding suicide. They humanize the experience, making it relatable to millions who may be struggling silently.

Meagan Zerr is a survivor of suicide and also one of the people telling their stories for Lost&Found’s “30 Days 30 Stories” project. Joel Kaskinen is the communications specialist for Lost&Found.

They’re joined us today to talk about the power that storytelling has in suicide prevention.

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