All the talk of spring lately may have you thinking about spring cleaning. And while you may be inspired to refresh your home and clean-up your yard to make way for the summer season. Our next guest says your estate plan may be in need of a spring cleanup, too. Bobbi Thury is one of the attorneys and co-founders of Legacy Law Firm in Sioux Falls. She stopped by to explain why now is the perfect time to sit down with an attorney at Legacy Law Firm to review your estate plan to make sure that your documents are up-to-date.

Dust off your old documents

Legacy Law Firm can help with everything from protecting your assets; to determining whether you are making the most of your estate plan to best fit your unique needs in a way that best protects both your loved ones and your life assets. You can reach them online at Call today for a free consultation with any of the attorneys at Legacy Law Firm. Simply call 605-275-5665, and if you mention that you saw them on Keloland Living they will also do a free plan review if you already have an existing plan, in addition to the free consultation.