Put the old wives’ tales to bed…we got the science on how to cut an onion without crying. And when we say science, we are including physics, biology AND chemistry!

If cutting onions doesn’t scare you, we have another idea! Does making your kids’ Halloween costumes terrify you? Don’t worry we had a Halloween hero in the house, and she showed us how to creatively use foam for epic Halloween costumes.

To round out the perfect trifecta of scary things to tackle, how about introducing your new significant other to your friends and family? Today’s guest tried to take the fear out of it with a few helpful tips.

But not everything is fear inducing on today’s show. If you are normally afraid of trying to do your own craft projects, today’s KELOLAND Living Arts & Crafts Show vendor has your back. She showed us how she creates kits that take a big chunk of the “Y” out of DIY…while still giving you the satisfaction of making something.

And don’t think we are diving into Halloween without even a thought to how scary Christmas is! We stopped out west to learn more about how one local business is trying to help you stay calm all season long.

Join us again on tomorrow’s show! We’re talking to NANCY KERRIGAN!

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