We started getting ready for the Festival of Cultures by learning a new recipe with one key ingredient that might surprise you – SPAM!

It might feel like summer in KELOLAND but unfortunately summer doesn’t last forever, that’s why we learned more about an organization collecting coats for kids.

We all need support sometimes, but what do you do when the kind of support your family and friends offer doesn’t match your needs? We talked to expert to get tips on how to handle those times.

If you have seen recent news stories on monkeypox and wondered if you should be worried, then check out our segment from today with Dr. Charles Chima, Public Health Director for the City of Sioux Falls. He walked us through the origins of the virus and why it’s unlikely to become a bigger issue.

And if its not a virus scaring us, it’s money. That’s why we learned more about managing money during inflation on today’s show.

Tune in tomorrow for another great KELOLAND Living. Rhubarb is running rampant, and that’s why we have not one, but THREE rhubarb recipes. We’ll also get some great tips on summer skin care from Face Foundrie.

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