The Diamond Room stopped by to share the perfect anniversary gifts they can help you pick out.

We introduced you to our next Across the Table guest, Ryan Oaks, the owner of Mini Critters, who has a special passion and love for all animals, which led him to his career.

A number of post-covid symptoms have been identified in kids. Avera Health stopped by to share more about what these symptoms are and what they have been seeing.

The Sioux Empire Fair is almost here. They stopped by to share all of the exciting things they have coming up that you can experience.

There’s still time to get outside and enjoy the rest of summer. Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation stopped by to share some unique ways to do that by attending some of the activities they offer.

Tune in tomorrow for another great show. We’re sitting down with Sanford International, getting tips for empty nesters and making a version of enchiladas without the tortilla. All that and more coming up on Wednesday’s show at 2pm.

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