We kicked off the show with Ashley paying zero attention to the show as she was furiously painting a piece that she is donating for Lost&Found…that was due to the organization several days ago. Did she finish it? You can find out by checking out the Make Your Mark for Mental Health silent auction online!

And never was it more evident that Mitchell would be carrying this show than our DIY honeycomb paper tree segment. Let’s just say, Mitchell made a paper tree. Ashley made a paper half-tree bookmark…

And things certainly didn’t get better when it came time to do a Holiday workout. But this one had Ashley and Mitchell in the same boat as they struggled through a workout as self-proclaimed non-exercisers.

But don’t worry, if they get razzed by their families for any of their so-called sub-par television talents when they go home for the holidays…they are prepared. They sat down with one of their favorite life coaches to get tips on handling unwanted comments and criticisms during holiday gatherings.

Tune in tomorrow for another great show! They’re trying paper crafts again…. seriously. This time it’s snowflakes. Wish Ashley luck!!!

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