If you’re looking for somewhere to go on a vacation this summer, we’ve got the trip for you! Holiday Vacations joined us to tell us all about the upcoming Lake Splendor Tour that you can attend with our very own KELOLAND News’ Don Jorgensen.

Today’s Across the Table guest has always had a love for cars but didn’t know he would one day start an automotive business because of it. We sat down with Jerry Barr at JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars to learn more.

Microagressions are everyday, subtle put-downs directed towards a marginalized group which may be verbal or nonverbal and are typically automatic. We learned how to not only become more aware of the microagressions around us, but to also help us figure out how to respond to them.

The Helpline Center stopped by to tell us about the many resources that are available for survivors of suicide loss because they understand the struggle that many people feel when they have lost someone close to them to suicide.

With the production of “My Fair Lady” taking the stage at the Washington Pavilion this weekend, we sat down with the man taking on the Henry Higgins-esque role to teach us how to speak with a proper British accent.

Due to soccer airing during on normal show time, we will be airing a special encore presentation on KELOXTRA at 2 PM. We’re introducing you to an Across The Table guest, learning all about face oils and making shrinky dink jewelry. All that and more coming up on tomorrow’s show on KELOXTRA AT 2 PM.

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