Today was a special edition of KELOLAND Living that featured all things spring cleaning. Have you started your to-do list yet? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got a variety of tips and tricks to get your house spic-n-span.

When was the last time you’ve washed your windows? Windows are something that get dirty very easily but it’s important to give them a good and detailed wash once a year. No Streaking Window Cleaning of Sioux Falls stopped by Brittany Kaye’s house to demonstrate and share what you need to get the job done.

When making your spring cleaning list, you probably have the main things you want to tackle already on it. Organizing, getting rid of clothes and deep cleaning your bathrooms could be a few. But what about the little forgotten tasks that get passed by year after year? UMI Cleaning Services stopped by Ashley Thompson’s house to go through the most common forgotten areas.

The dishwasher might be an appliance that washes dishes but that doesn’t mean it washes itself. When was the last time you’ve really gotten in there and wiped it down and cleaned out the filter? If your answer isn’t recently, you’re not alone. We walked you through the process on today’s show.

Getting everything clean and shiny is just one part of spring cleaning. The other part many people use this time of year for is organizing rooms that really need it. Ashley Thompson has her craft room that doubles as a home office on her list. Chaos to Calm joined her to share where she should begin and tips for giving everything a space to get the room feeling good to be in again.

Take a look around your house. Do you have a variety of metal? Maybe it’s part of an appliance, decor or a door knob. Getting metals clean can be a process. Brittany Kaye and Ashley Thompson demonstrated some metal cleaning magic hacks on today’s show using products you already have right at home.

We hope you enjoyed our spring cleaning show! Tune in tomorrow for another great episode of KELOLAND Living. We’re introducing you to our next Across The Table guest, stopping by the Ramkota Inn and making a DIY energy cleansing spray. All that and more coming up on Tuesday’s show at 2 PM.

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