Are you ready for your “Daly” dose of KELOLAND Living?

We were joined by Sophie Daly as she filled in for Brittany Kaye.

While we all love a good party, it can be stressful to host yourself. Thankfully, Sophie is a master party planner. She shared a few tips on planning the perfect monster mash bash with Ashley Thompson, and you’re going to want to hear what she has to say about finding the perfect signature cocktail for your parties.

You’re going to want a treat or two to serve at that party, thankfully, we learned how we can whip up a few treats that are so easy even the wolfman could do it, and he won’t even need his mummy to help.

If the idea of hosting a party sends you into fight, flight or freeze, but you’re still looking to have a frightfully good time then it sounds like you’re ready to head to Silverstar Car Wash where you can go through their “haunted” car wash! You may even see a few of your favorite horror characters.

Halloween means scary, but one thing we’re ALL fearing the impending KELOLAND winter. Just because the cold weather and snow are on the horizon doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun in the great outdoors. Ashley Thompson stopped by Scheels to learn all about their cold weather camping gear.

And, we got caught up with our friends from the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, and got a taste of music so good it will leave you yelling “VIOLA!” from this weekend’s featured soloist, Yi-Chun Lin.

Join us on Monday for an extra spooky edition of KELOLAND Living. Brittany Kaye will be back to regale us with tales from her birthday weekend, and will show us how to turn your human into a vampire with nothing more than a makeup bag (fangs not included.) Plus, we’re taking a tour of one of Minnehaha county’s abandoned cemeteries with America’s Story-Teller, Jeff Gould. Do you love your costume, and have everything in place for Monday? If not, have no fear we’re talking with one fashion stylist about how you can pick the perfect last-minute costume from your closet. You’re not going to want to miss or HALLOWEEN SHOW!

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