A big, big rodeo is coming to town! We sat down with The Governor’s Cup Rodeo to learn more about the big event riding its way through town.

Not only is it a blue moon tonight, it’s also a super moon! What does that mean when you combine it with six planets in retrograde? Learn more in the segment from today’s show linked below.

If your dishwasher breaks, will you be able to survive? We know that is a bit much, but we still feel it. Luckily, we had a company stop by today that can help you get your appliances fixed on a dime.

Keep reading this article but get up and walk to your fridge. How messy is it? Don’t worry we talked to a professional organizer today to get tips on organizing a fridge.

And it’s about to be fall y’all! So, we sat down with Parks and Recreation to get tips on enjoying autumn in the parks.

Tune in tomorrow for a FANTASTIC show! We’re trying a new experiment: Can it carbonate?

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