Today’s show was HEAVILY focused on Halloween Party Prep! If you’re overwhelmed by the holiday and still have much left to do, don’t worry!

With Halloween just around the corner, Lindsay Lundeby, the leader of the Jack-o’-lantern Jamboree, joined us to share a few “spoo-key” Halloween hacks for you to unlock the perfect party, including how you can turn an ordinary pumpkin into the perfect wine dispenser to keep you saying, “Happy Hallo-WINE!”

Is the gore and horror getting to be too much for you this Halloween? Have no fear! KELOLAND Living’s Ashley Thompson and Mitchell Olson got creative on set and whipped up a few cute, not creepy, Halloween decorations.

Latisha Woods, Bethani Oaks, and their furry friends, Rueger and Edwin, joined us to discuss the Doberman Pinscher and Bedlington Terrier breeds. And to give us the details on how we “Meet the Breeds” this weekend.

A hat is a perfect accessory for those bad hair days. That’s why Kendra Knudson, a hairstylist with Magic Mirror Salon, gave us tips on how to wear a hat and still look presentable… at least from the shoulders up.

Don’t miss the show tomorrow, when Ashley & Mitchell celebrate child literacy with “Read for the Record”. This year’s book pick is “With Lots of Love,” a story about a girl who has moved to the United States from her home in Central America.

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