All of the small little infants in the country should be celebrated every day but there is one specific day set aside to honor them and that’s May 2nd! Brittany Kaye recently stopped by Your Nurtured Baby to get all the details on how you can celebrate with them early this weekend. From specials to getting the opportunity to hear and learn from multiple local professionals, it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Take a moment out of your day to look down at your legs. It’s easy to assume those veins or discolored skin is all just part of aging, but could it be more than that? Are you also experiencing pain with it? Physicians Vein Clinic joined us in the studio to explain why this could be a more serious problem and treatment options available.

Get on your favorite workout gear and lace up your tennis shoes to join Avera in their 35th Annual Race Against Cancer! Committee members shared the details and what your support does to help so many battling cancer.

Parties and events can be a lot of fun to attend. But you know what isn’t always fun about them? Planning them and getting everything in order. Especially if it’s thousands of miles away. Brittany Kaye recently planned a destination bachelorette party for her younger sister and learned so many tips from her experience so she decided to share them on today’s show so you can use them in the future.

Decorating cookies is hard enough and we’ve covered many different tips on the show, but we took it a step further today by learning how to write on cookies! Our favorite baker stopped by to explain how it’s done!

We hope you enjoyed the encore presentation of KELOLAND Living today. We are back to our regular scheduled programming tomorrow with an all new show. We’re getting tips on planning the perfect graduation party, learning blush trends for face shaping and whipping up a delicious breakfast sandwich! All that and more coming up on Thursday’s show at 2 PM.

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