On today’s show we got into the minds of the PGA Champion golfers that will be teeing off at Minnehaha Country Club for this weekend’s Sanford International by walking the 18th hole with a PGA Pro golfer.

But as long as you aren’t too busy improving your golf game, maybe you have time to foster a pet? We learning more about KELOLAND’s puppy crisis.

Health Connect South Dakota stopped by to tell us more about the programs and children’s library they run to help spread the word on resources.

It’s suicide prevention month and suicide deaths are growing at an alarming rate. That’s why Avera Behavioral Health stopped by to help us understand why it is so important to “Ask the Question”.

And if you have ever felt compelled to help someone with a disability do something just because they have a disability, you might want to check out today’s segment on how to weigh your help with empowerment.

We have another great show tomorrow! We’re continuing our coverage of the Sanford International golf tournament with a spectator’s view of the event. And we’ll get ready for Rosh Hashana with a local Jewish community member.

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